Bomb Cat Has Started Exploding on Nintendo Switch

Have a Blast in Bomb Cat

RedDeer.Games is proud to announce that their latest puzzle game, Bomb Cat is now available on Nintendo Switch. You can purchase it right now for just $1.99 with a 71% launch discount. Hurry up and grab your copy before the offer ends on 24 May 2024. Also, make sure to check out the official trailer below.

Get ready to embark on an electrifying adventure filled with fluffy felines and explosive challenges in Bomb Cat. It isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill puzzle game, it’s rather a whole new level of purr-fect explosion. Players must match adorable fluffy cats to achieve the highest score without running out of space.

The twist is that there is a bombastic cat among these cuddly companions that is ready to shake things up by exploding. Whether it will assist the players to score higher or send their game flying into oblivion, the choice is all theirs.

There are eleven colorful cats to match, each with its weight and personality, offering endless hours of addictive entertainment. On top of that, there are special combo mechanics to boost the high scores, ensuring the players stay on the end of their seats all the time.

So, are you ready for this simple and challenging title to become the ultimate combo hero? Find out right now on Bomb Cat.