StarMetal Crusaders Is Bringing the RTS Action on Steam Later This Year

An Epic Journey Awaits in StarMetal Crusaders

X1 Games is thrilled to reveal that their upcoming title StarMetal Crusaders will make its way to Steam later this year. The release date will be announced sometime in the future. The game invites everyone on an epic journey full of resource management, tactical battles, and base building.

StarMetal Crusaders

Get ready to embark on a wild and comedic adventure across the vast and dangerous world in StarMetal Crusades. It is a unique take on the classic RTS genre with resource management, base-building, and real-time combat. Become the leader of a ragtag crew of mercenaries in a universe full of intrigue, danger, and bizarre encounters.

The story takes place in the Zeta Sector, where different factions compete for power and survival. The Carbon Mining Corp endeavors to reconnect with its community origins, while the determined Index Mining, under the leadership of the ambitious Xavier Prescot, strives for supremacy within the sector.

While the xenophobic Brotherhood of Zod conspires to eradicate extraterrestrial influences and reinstate Terran’s authority. The distinct histories and aspirations of each faction enhance the gaming experience, fostering an atmosphere of perpetual tension and tacticality.

Content creators can also fill out the form right here to request the Steam key to make content. The developers ensure that they will keep in touch with the creators regarding further information and the Steam Key.