Tokyo Cooking Will Start Serving on Nintendo Switch on 17 May

Run the Best Restaurant in Tokyo Cooking

RedDeer.Games is delighted to announce that Tokyo Cooking is coming out on Nintendo Switch on 17 May 2024. Players will finally get a chance to prepare iconic dishes, chat with customers, and run the sushi restaurant in this in-house simulation game. Check out the official release date reveal trailer below.

It’s time to make your grandma proud in Tokyo Cooking. Get ready to run your very own restaurant and cook the most iconic Japanese dishes. Take orders from the customers and prepare them with a lot of passion. All the while listening to their opinion to become better and better every day.

Your kitchen is filled with all the necessary items, equipment, and ingredients to prepare the best sushi. Follow every step diligently in your to-do list and choose from many available kinds of fish, vegetables, and spices according to your customer’s wish.

Earn enough money from serving customers to customize the interior of your Japanese restaurant. Access your laptop at the end of each day, and browse through equipment to purchase for your place. There are new chairs, tables, plants, and utensils to discover.

Here are some key features:

– You can learn to make your own sushi!
– A total of 32 unique ingredients like fish, and vegetables that NEVER run out
– Step-by-step recipes
– Interesting customers
– Day/night system and access to laptop after work
– 6 unique sushi recipes like Hosomaki or Uramaki and relaxing tea