Mountaintop Receives Funding From Shroud and Zedd for Shooter

Big Names and Big Bucks 

Game’s require funding. Sometimes, when a game gathers enough attention and support, while being appealing, it gets some big names attached to it. Of course, big names bring a lot of funding. Today, Mountaintop Studios excitedly unveiled some of the names that singed on in the recent $30 Million funding round for their upcoming tactical shooter. Revealing that names like Shroud, Grammy Award Winner Zedd, Cohh Carnage, IITZZ Timmy, and more have invested in the yet-to-be-named game. Importantly, the funds go directly to Mountaintop’s efforts in development. A press release claims that the game itself is the Studio’s attempt to create a competitive shooter that pushes the boundaries of the tactical shooter genre.  

Mountaintop Investors

Mountaintop Studios is set to reveal their PVP game later this year. However, right now, they simply have investor info. In fact, a press release discussing their investors reveals many names. Of course, the list includes content creators like Shroud, IITZZ Timmy and Cohh Carnage. Yet, the Studio also attracts attention from elsewhere. For example, NBA’s Paul George and musical artist Zedd also show up in the names for this round of investment.

Additionally, the press release provides insight from  Nate Mitchell, Mountaintop Co-founder & CEO. He writes, “I’m thrilled to share that Mountaintop has raised $30M in additional funding from some of the best investors in the industry. This capital will help us deliver an even better experience for our players,” he continues, “Our commitment to being fully-remote — forever — has helped us assemble an all-star team of shooter veterans committed to our player-first philosophy. Building an outstanding game starts and ends with understanding what players want. We’re always listening to their feedback – that’s the path to building something that they love.”

Mountaintop Game

Importantly, Mountaintop specifies that they regularly play test the game.