Ravenswatch Announces Dark Tales Update

A Massive Update

Adding more depth to the world of a game is rarely a bad thing. Especially when such an update adds even more gameplay options. Furthermore, maybe it even gives you a chance to come back from the dead. Today, NACON and Passtech Games are happy to announce the release of the newest update for their co-op roguelite game, Ravenswatch. The update, titled “Dark Tales”, is introducing multiple new ways for players to enjoy their favorite characters alongside a host of small quality of life changes. A new trailer gives players a glimpse of the update and what gamers can expect.


Ravenswatch places players in the shoes of folk lore and fairytale legends. As these heroes, players will battle nightmares across the fairytale lands of Reverie. Either by themselves or with up to three other players, gamers will select on of these heroes and battle back the nightmares. Of course, players can choose from characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Beowulf, and Sun Wukong. Now, they will be able to truly adapt their favorite character to their own playstyle. The “Dark Tales” update introduces over 30 new unlockable talents for each  character. Of course, this means players will be able to add more to their playstyle discovering new methods to defeat the nightmares in every run. Additionally, players playing co-op will be able to revive their fallen comrades with the new Altar of Heroes that can appear on maps. Furthermore, players can expect new quality of life updates.

Importantly, players can check out Ravenwatch’s new update in the release trailer. Check out the trailer below.

Ravenswatch is out now on Steam Early Access. Additionally, the game is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles in 2024.