World War 3, Deploying Operation Sunstorm Season Update

Tactical Warfare 

Welcome to Japan soldiers. It’s almost time to lock and load and deploy in a new front. Hope you’re ready. Today, Publisher Wishlist Games and Developer The Farm 51 are excited to announce the free update arriving to their tactical shooter, World War 3. The update, titled Operation Sunstorm, is arriving to the game on March 30th. The update will be set in Japan and two new maps, new weapons, gear, strikes, and a brand new game mode. A press release provides more details about the update. Furthermore, a new trailer shows off the types of battlefields players can expect from the update. 

Operation Sunstorm

Operation Sunstorm places players directly in the heart of Japan. Battles wage in the torn up streets of Tokyo, a whole new battlefront that expands the growing list of frontlines in World War 3. Of course, the gameplay will revolve around team-based skirmishes that utilize, not only soldiers, but vehicles, drones, and tactical strikes. However, players can expect to be using new weaponry like the Type 89 assault rifle, the QBZ-191 assault rifle, in battle across two new maps Tokyo and Shibuya. 

Furthermore, players can battle throughout Japan in a whole new game mode: FUBAR. Unlike the massive 40vs40 battles of World War 3’s other game modes, FUBAR is focused on infantry skirmishes. This 20vs20 game mode has limited vehicles, instead leaving it up to the boots on the ground to defend six bleeding control points. Additionally, it comes with new mechanics. Specifically, the revive mechanic that gets your allies back in the fight. 

Check out the Operation Sunstorm trailer below. 

The free Operation Sunstorm update for World War 3 is arriving on March 30th. The game is currently available for free on Steam. More information is available on the game’s website. So, are you ready for war?