Turtle Beach Unveils New Headset: Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

Premium Wireless Headset

Sound is an important aspect of gaming. Whether you’re becoming fully immersed in a soundtrack, or listening closely to enemy footsteps in a battle royale, sound is important. So, you want a good quality headset. You’re in luck. Today, the Turtle Beach Corporation unveiled its newest wireless gaming headset: the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro.

Of course, the headset provides players with the franchise’s award-winning features. Yet, now the Stealth Pro is elevating what fans have already loved about the headsets. A press release provides more details about the headset. Additionally, a new trailer for the headset shows off some of its main features. 


The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is bringing a whole host of features to gamers on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Firstly, the headset is providing quality audio with the products signature 50mm Nanoclear drivers. Second of all, the headset is effective at noise-cancellation which works to bring players further immersion to the sounds of their favorite games. Additionally, the noise cancellation can range from full noise transparency where background sounds are still audible, to 25dB noise reduction which blocks out most distractions. 

Furthermore, players will have a choice of microphone to use when it comes to the headset. The Stealth Pro contains both its dual built-in mics, or the removable TruSpeak™ boom mic. Either way, the mics use Turtle Beach’s S.M.A.R.T. (Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning) tech which means only your voice is coming through. Check out the trailer for the headset below. 

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Wireless Headset is releasing on April 23rd, 2023. However, pre-orders and more info are currently available at Turtle Beach’s website. The headset is priced at $329.99.