The Curse of Grimsey Island Release Date Announcement

Start the Investigation in the Curse of Grimsey Island

It is almost time to uncover some hidden Viking secrets. Miga Games proudly announces the release date for their upcoming title The Curse of Grimsey Island. It is coming to PC via Steam on 30 April, so make sure to keep an eye out for this one. Take a quick look at the release date announcement trailer below.

The Curse of Grimsey Island is a 3D exploration detective game. Two rival treasure-hunting companies compete against each other to find a cursed Viking artifact located near Grimsey Island. So many errors have occurred, people have gone missing, and each crime scene demands a fresh approach to uncover hidden secrets beneath the depths of the ocean.

You will step inside the shoes of a Remote Forensics Investigator and investigate crimes in the Nanodeck. It is a place where crime scenes are meticulously reconstructed down to the finest details. Take your investigation skills above and below the waters. Use your unmanned craft LAWD, to locate and examine evidence. Reconstruct Biotraces to unveil conversations, hack smartphones, solve puzzles, and unravel a mystery that transcends time.

There are four independent cases to work on with different outcomes. Put all the pieces together and find out what happened. And ultimately recommend the District Attorney for appropriate charges.