Trove Heckbugs in Love Event Is Coming Back This Year

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Trove

We have exciting news for everyone. gamigo just announced the return of the Heckbugs in Love event for their widely popular voxel MMORPG, Trove. The event will be available on all the platforms from 6 to 20 February.

This year, once more, Heckbugs have managed to find their way to Verdant Veins and Sunken Sunvault. Now, they’ve invaded the final cave within Geode, the Moonlight Grotto. Trovians must summon Heckbugs using a serving of Hecky Chow and embark on an epic adventure.


Pairing two Heckbugs can be an extremely challenging task. The risk is so high that if left to their own devices, they might end up alone forever. Help them meet up with other small Heckbugs, all while protecting them against the invasive threat of Heckbug Invaders. Normal Heckbugs pose a certain level of risk, those influenced by the Shadow are particularly dangerous.

With each Heckbug that you help in the Geode caves, there are chances of getting a lockbox containing awesome rewards. This includes Crystals, Heckbug Eggs, and possibly a novel Heckbug Companion. There are so many eggs inside the caves as well for you to collect and incubate to unlock and receive three new companions.

However, you must never let your guard down or celebrate too early. A new feature of the event this year is the Heckbug Hunter. He appears at the end of the questline and his main goal is to rip, tear, and destroy. You can also complete The Hunter’s daily quests to return to him and purchase rare untradable crafting materials.