SpiderHeck Gets Destructive in New Update

Spider PVP Meets Destructible Maps

Sometimes you just need to swing a lightsaber around as an arachnid. Or maybe you want to wield any sort of high tech weaponry and blast the hell out of your friends. Yet, now, even the maps themselves can get blasted to pieces. Today, developer Neverjam and publisher tinyBuild are happy to announce the newest update for their PVP brawler, SpiderHeck. The update, titled “Honeycomb Update”, ushers in new quality of life updates for the game, new maps, and destructible environments. Of course, all of these changes make the non-stop action even more frantic.


SpiderHeck is a co-op PVP game that invites players to become a spider and destroy their friends. As the spiders, players will fight across a variety of maps, sending themselves flying on webs, shooting each-other with lasers, or hacking off limbs with lightsabers. The new “Honeycomb Update” now allows players to destroy the map they’re on. Importantly, the new update features winter, New Years, themed maps and revamped older maps. Of course, now, players can send their spidery bodies through the environment as they do battle.

Additionally, the update is bringing multiple quality of life fixes to SpiderHeck. Furthermore, bugs have been fixed, and eight older maps are getting a glow-up so that they feel faster. Interestingly, a 2024 roadmap trailer gives players a glimpse of what is coming to the battlefield. Check it out below. 

SpiderHeck is available on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch.