Cirrus Business Gets Cozy and Planting in Next Fest Demo

Heartfelt Farm House

A cloud’s got to do what a cloud’s got to do. In this instance, a cloud has got to farm. Only this time, the farming isn’t the only thing going on. A narrative will unfold and a farm will thrive. Today,  Oofin Sprouts is happy to announce a new demo for their upcoming cozy farming sim, Cirrus Business. Available on February 2nd during Steam Next Fest, the demo allows players to step into the role Cloudi as they work to fix their home to its original glory. Of course, doing this will require growing and upgrading the farm while defending it from strange creatures. A gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of the game itself. 

Cirrus Business

Cirrus Business introduces players to Cloudi, the cloud. In charge of an enchanting and lovely little farm, Cloudi and their friends are responsible for fixing it up. However, strange creatures called slobsters seek to ruin the farm and the world around it. Of course, Cloudi and the community won’t allow this. Importantly, every character available to players comes with their very own powers that add depth and strategy to the farming aspect of the game. In fact, the farming itself is dynamic. For instance, players will need to learn to balance resource production with enemy generation. Players are able to upgrade the crops and farm to ensure traits are made with a specific strategy in mind. Additionally, players the game conveys its heartfelt narrative through a sense of community and cutscenes.

Importantly, players can get a look at Cirrus Business in the gameplay trailer. Check it out below.

Cirrus Business is releasing its demo on February 2nd. It will be available for the entirety of Steam Next Fest. The full game is set to release in March.