Rail Route Riding Out of Early Access in Q1 2024

Dive Right Into the World of Rail Route

The indie development studio Bitrich.info has announced that Rail Route will be leaving Steam Early Access in Q1 of this year. The game originally launched into early access in June 2021 and it has been in active development for more than 2 years. It also has a strong discord community with over 9000 members where they all discuss the game.

Rail Route

Rail Route is a simulation game that allows you to construct and manage your railway networks. You will start with a few stations, and some expanding lines, and after taking various contracts, it will develop into a complex automated system.

Mastering automation poses a challenge and a rewarding endeavor, where strategic choices intricately shape the effectiveness of your growing network. Intricate mechanics, hidden beneath the apparent simplicity of the game, provide an experience that mirrors the complexities of real-world rail management, offering both intuition and complexity.

Embrace the liberty to construct and conquer diverse obstacles as you become part of a dynamic community of passionate individuals and innovators. Together, engage in the art of creating, exchanging, and venturing into maps on a global scale.

Moreover, Rail Route will also be coming out on GOG as well, so make sure to keep an eye out. A free demo version is already available on Steam just in case you want to try the game before its official launch.