OVERRIDER Drops Its First Gameplay Trailer Video

Gear Up Your Hoverboards for OVERRIDER

The indie game developer Dreamteck finally revealed the gameplay trailer of their upcoming game OVERRIDER. The video was released on their official YouTube page today. The game is a blend of hoverboarding and action-adventure with roguelike elements.

In this game, players will join Vihra, a young and talented hoverboard rider in a post-apocalyptic world. Robots have invaded the place and they are running rampant. Now, it is up to Vihra to fight against the invasion and try to stop it all the while uncovering the mysteries behind it.


OVERRIDER is heavily inspired by games like Tony Hawk’s, SSX, Sonic, and Risk of Rain. Players must also have a strong focus on the movement mechanics as the game is all about riding, dodging, jumping, and attacking using your hoverboard.

Dreamteck is a video game developer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded in 2015 by Dimitar Tsaprev, the studio has created a number of games and tools for the Unity engine. It is a small but growing studio with a team of experienced developers. They are passionate about creating high-quality games and tools that inspire and entertain players.

Dreamteck has been developing this game ever since January 2022. Moreover, they are planning to launch the game in H2 2024 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. They also announced that the title will be a part of Steam Next Fest where game demos can be played directly for a week. It is set to take place on October 9th. Check out the gameplay trailer below.