Little Scavenger, the Debut Game of CodeRed Studio

Destroy All the Robots in Little Scavenger

The indie game developer and publisher CodeRed Studio just made an announcement regarding its debut game Little Scavenger. It is a blend of the fast-paced action of dead cells, the loot-based system of Diablo, and the combat of Hades. But it has its modern touch as well.

The PC demo version of the game will launch in the upcoming Steam Next Fest and other online Steam festivals. The developer is also planning its full release in Q2 of next year.

Little Scavenger

Little Scavenger is a 3D pixel art roguelike game. The game takes place in a kingdom of corrupted robots. Players must explore and fight these robots and grow stronger by finding armor, using trinkets, and rescuing NPCs. Along the way, they will uncover the secrets of the world, the reasons for the spread of corruption, and why the player is immune to it.

Here are some of the key features of the game:

-Diverse and replayable world and permanent death as a reason to stay cautious.
-The game takes inspiration from games like Diablo, Hades, and Dead Cells in the design of its combat.
-Play with an abundance of weapons and tools that affect your playstyle in every run.
-There are over 70 unique weapons, 30 unique magical rings, and 20 unique armor.
-Tons of unique rooms to explore and some NPCs to rescue.
-Super cool boss fights that are unique to the biomes they are.