Deflector Firing Its Way to Consoles in September

Microscopic Fire Fights 

Microscopic combat is coming to consoles this month. The smallest, and maybe one of the most intense, bullet hells in the genre is coming right at console players. Today, developer Arrowfist Games is excited to announce that their bullet hell roguelike, Deflector, is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles on September 29th. The game invites players on a microscopic adventure where they will battle alien-like enemies and evolve themselves. A press release discusses the console versions of the game as well as the game in general. Additionally, a release date trailer gives new players a look at the game. 

Deflector Early Access

Deflector places the player in control of a specimen. Of course, there are various specimens to choose from which allow players to discover their very own playstyle. Each specimen has its own unique abilities that lend themselves to any playstyle players could want. Additionally, each specimen can use further modifications to upgrade itself by collecting DNA. Interestingly, the landscape of the game provides a uniquely alien experience where each non-linear run will be different exposing players to the enemies that lay waiting within. 

Importantly, Deflector harnesses an upgrade system as equally unique as anything about it. For instance, the system is a free-flowing system of mutations that allows players to not only select specific upgrades for their specimen, but combo them together. Obviously, players will need to use these abilities, dodge and deflect bullets, and fight back against viruses to survive. 

Check out the release date trailer for a look at the game. 

Deflector is releasing for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles on September 29th. Currently, the game is out on Steam