Lil Guardsman Gets a Deep Dive With Developer Diary

A Lil More Detail 

Everyone has a story. Of course, this idea travels over to video games as easily as it applies to real life. So, it’s exciting when the people behind these stories get to go into more detail about them. Today, Indie Game Developer Hilltop Studios, in collaboration with Versus Evil, is happy to take a deep dive into their upcoming point-and-click adventure, Lil Guardsman with a new Developer Diary. The Diary, titled “Everyone Has a Story”, invites players to take a better look at the game’s art style. Additionally, the diary allows gamers to Hilltop Studios co-founder & game director Artiom Komarov, co-founder & creative director Scott Christian, as well as, writer & game designer Matt Bernard. 

Lil Guardsman

Lil Guardsman invites players to a point-and-click deduction narrative. Introducing players to a young girl, Lil, as she tries to fulfill her father’s duties as the head guardsman for the day. Importantly, Lil will need to keep guard of the city gates using deduction as they interrogate an eccentric cast of characters. Of course, players will have more than just their cunning dialogue to figure out the true intentions of visitors. Importantly, she has a toolbox of investigative items to help her determine who is who. Interestingly, players have the final say of who to let into the city. However, the consequences can be severe. Mistakes can result in destruction or worse. So, players will need to use discretion as they protect the city and the royal family. 

Of course, players can check out the “Everyone Has a Story” developer diary. View the diary below. 

Lil Guardsman is releasing later this year on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles.