Call of Dragons Warpet Addition Is Finally Here

Get Your Own Pet in Call of Dragons Now

The brilliant video game developer Farlight Games just announced the new Warpet Addition for its MMO game Call of Dragons. Players can now finally capture their own adorable as their amazing and faithful companions. The developer is popular for creating games such as Dislyte, Rise of Kingdoms, Warpath, Farlight 84, and many more.

The Warpets were originally natives of Tamaris and were once ferocious beasts. They all got infected by magic stones which turned them twisted and crazy. They also obtained dar power and lived constantly in pain. Players must purify these creatures in battle in order to revert them back to their original form and appearance.

Once this is done, they will happily join your troops and fight foes throughout the adventure. But you will be responsible for nurturing them by providing food, shelter, and training. You can also use a heartwashing potion to reset its level and retain it, or release your pet back into the wild.

Farlight Games is also organizing a special event to celebrate the introduction of the Warpets in the game. They are hosting an event called the Call of Dragons Pet CompAInion Combat contest. Players can upload a picture of their pet mysterious transdimensional machine that connects Tamaris and the real world. This will show what your Call of Dragons style pet will look like. Register now to win the grand prize which includes an iPad, a PS5, or a wildlife discovery trip to Australia, Madagascar, or China.