Wayfinder Adventures Into Early Access With Founders Packs

Become a WayFounder

It’s time to jump into a brand-new fantasy world. Importantly, you even have the opportunity to become a founding member of this new adventure. Get ready for some fast-paced action. Today,  Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes are excited to announce the Early Access release of their RPG, Wayfinder, on Steam. Inviting gamers to a shattered world, the game allows the player to develop a playstyle based on one of the many different Wayfinders available. A press release delves into more details on the game itself. Additionally, players are able to view the Early Access launch trailer for a good glimpse of what they can expect. 


Wayfinder introduces players to the world of Evenor. It is a broken world overrun by chaos, yet it is not without hope. A group of heroes known as Wayfinders works to keep the chaos at bay. Importantly, players will choose one of several Wayfinders and head through the gates on different missions to save the world. The game combines fast-paced action as a love letter to RPGs and MMOs alike. Of course, each Wayfinder has their own distinct playstyle, but each merges magic with technology for their weaponry. 

Importantly players can currently become founders for the game. With different founder levels, from the Base to the Exalted, players can look forward to getting extras that they won’t be able to get again. Of course, the founder’s packs come along with the first season of the game Gloom Break: Founders Season One. Additionally, players can get a look at the game in the launch trailer. View the trailer below. 

Wayfinder is out now on Steam Early Access. Players can choose what version of the game they would like to purchase ranging from the $20.99 standard version to the $153.00 Exalted founder’s version.