Wall World Digging Deeper With Deep Threat DLC

Going Further Than Before 

Attention Wall dwellers. It’s time for you to saddle up your giant spider and prepare for eight hours of extra content for this wall-crawling roguelite. Today, Alawar Premium is excited to announce the release of the new DLC for their tower defense roguelite, Wall World. The DLC, titled Deep Threat, is introducing a massive amount of content to the game. In fact, the DLC is adding over eight hours of new content including new bosses, biomes, and more. A launch trailer gives players a glimpse of all the precious details arriving today with the DLC. 

Wall World Deep Threat

Wall World introduces players to an endless wall that they navigate atop their giant mechanical spider home. Of course, it isn’t all just scaling the Wall. The Wall is a hostile world full of danger that players will need to survive. Importantly, players have a lot at their disposal to learn to survive the Wall. For instance, will need to learn how to mine, battle armies of creatures, and upgrade their gear and their giant spider mech. 

Of course, the Deep Threat DLC is adding even more for players to experience on the Wall. Interestingly, players can explore whole new biomes that feature diverse new enemies, find new resources, new upgrades, and more. Additionally, players can even look forward to new bosses including a rival mechanical spider boss. Take a look at the new trailer for a glimpse of Wall World’s Deep Threat DLC. 

Wall World’s  DLC, Deep Threat, is available today.  Wall World is out now on  SteamEpic Games Store, and GOG.