Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Drops – Witness Makarov’s Return

On Your Feet Call of Duty Fans

The highly anticipated debut trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has descended upon us. Brace yourself for an alluring glimpse into the electrifying resurgence of none other than the iconic antagonist, Makarov.

Blurring the lines between reality and virtual warfare, the trailer masterfully weaves live-action spectacles with tantalizing in-game footage. Now, before you let your excitement breach the stratosphere, let’s address the elephant in the room. This isn’t a full-blown gameplay trailer. But, fear not, for what it lacks in gameplay, it more than compensates in intrigue. The trailer provides a first look at the game along with the setup for the mood and the story. To be honest, it is still fun and exciting.

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This is just the beginning of Activision’s plans to talk about Modern Warfare III. They have more things under their sleeves, like showing the game inside Warzone on August 17.

The new game Modern Warfare III is likely to continue the story after Modern Warfare II. The team, Task Force 141 is returning to stop Makarov and his plans.

The game will release on 10 November. Before that, there might be a beta test for the multiplayer option. Stay updated with us to know the latest news about Modern Warfare III.

Microsoft is planning to buy Activision Blizzard and Call of Duty, but the deal is not sealed yet. Even if it does happen, Call of Duty will still be on PlayStation for the next ten years at least. Check out the trailer now.