Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion Set to Haunt Gamers in 2024

Time to Embrace the Horror of Corpse Party

The indie horror role-playing adventure game series Corpse Party will continue to terrorize players again. The gamers were absolutely thrilled and captivated by the series. The developers, MAGES and Team GrisGris just announced the latest addition in the series. Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion will launch in 2024. However, they haven’t mentioned any specific platforms.

Corpse Party Hero Pic

We don’t know much about this game except for a few things mentioned by the staff on the official website. But we got a little sneak peek about this project in an interview from February 2023 with MAGES Director Makoto Asada.

Scenario writer, Makoto Kedouin stated that they have produced a completely new sequel to the series. And assured everyone that this new title will have a new setting. Do you know what that means? Yes, a different kind of horror awaits us with a big smile on its face. He also hopes that all the gamers enjoy the series.

The producer of the series at MAGES, Yasuhiko Nomura expressed his deepest regret for making everyone wait nine years. And also affirmed that the latest title is now live in production. He also revealed that the new title will feature an original story written by Makoto Kedouin. It will be set in a “new world,” which is completely different from the previous titles and the PC version of Corpse Party 2.

Yasuhiko Nomura cracked a few jokes in the interview. He said, “Recently, our General Producer has been suffering from serious psychic phenomena, and I have been experiencing pain from my lower back to my left leg for some time now, which is starting to interfere with our production. If anyone is able to perform an exorcism, please contact me…”

If you didn’t catch the interview with MAGES Director Makoto Asada earlier this year, check out our source below.