Turbo Overkill Leaves Early Access With Final Episode Pt 2 Update

Rev Up That Chainsaw, Time for Some Overkill

Over-the-top violence started this early access and it’s going to finish it. So, ready your weapons, rev up that chainsaw leg, and prepare for the next bloodbath. Today, Apogee Entertainment announced that its cyberpunk FPS adventure, Turbo Overkill, is leaving Early Access with its latest update. The update, titled the Final Episode Part 2, is bringing a host of new locations to adventure through, as well as the introduction of mechs, and even a new game mode. A press release provides players with more information on the game itself as well as the launch update. Furthermore, a new launch trailer gives players a look at what awaits them in the game now. 

Turbo Overkill

Turbo Overkill places players in the shoes of the cybernetic hero, Johnny Turbo. Engaging in a bloody battle over the cyberpunk city of Paradise, Johnny is fighting a one-man war against the Tyrannical A.I. Syn. However, now the Final Episode Part 2 update is adding even more to the blood-soaked city of Paradise. Of course, players will have access to Johnny’s full arsenal from his magnums, his shotgun, and of course, his chainsaw leg. However, now players can look forward to utilizing hovercrafts and mechs and even hopping aboard spaceships in the final three levels of this adventure. 

Yet, that’s not all coming to Turbo Overkill. Players can also look forward to the new game mode, Bounty Hunt. Either solo or in co-op as the quest to stop corruption takes to an interstellar adventure. Of course, players can check out the game’s launch trailer for a look at what to expect. View the trailer below. 

 Turbo Overkill is available now on Steam. Currently, the game is available for $24.99 with a special 15% launch discount until August 18th, 2023.