Final Fantasy XIV Goody Bag Comes With Low-Poly Grapes

People Like Grapes

Later this month in Las Vegas, Final Fantasy Fan Festival will be held. Fans who have secured their tickets and check in will be given a lovely goody bag. It contains a bunch of really cool and nifty items to go with the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV.

First we have to address the meme. Gamers love hating on fruit in games for some reason. If there is fruit as a prop or something, they want developers to waste their time on fruit tech. Square Enix had some grapes in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, which were a little square. They have since replaced the models, but we remember.

Final Fantasy XIV

One of the items in the goody bag is called Squishable Endwalker Grapes. It is a 12-sided shape with jpeg grapes on the faces, just as we remember them. It also comes with a Loporrit Carrot Pen, a keychain of Azem’s Crystal, and a Grebuloff Magnet. There is also a Final Fantasy XIV 10th Anniversary pin to wear.

The bag itself is a crossbody bag. It has three different sized sections for all your con-carrying needs. It has a Fan Festival 2023-24 logo embroidered on the front, as well as a 10th anniversary FFXIV logo. Each zipper also has a Meteor on it.

Attendees need to actually check in to receive this bag of awesome items. It will not be shipped out later. Fan Festival takes place on July 28-29th in Las Vegas.

Would you like to have a goody bag like this? Let us know in the comments below.