Derail Valley: Simulator Update Is Off the Rails Now

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There are as many train simulators as there are railway routes in America. It’s true, don’t check. Derail Valley has been grinding the train sim game for over four years now. It’s latest update just launched earlier this month with the Simulator Update.

This is somewhat of a UI overhaul for the game. It is actually the second overhaul, the first one being the Overhauled update. Derail Train was primarily a VR game, but supports keyboard mode. Instead of just controlling the train and its functions, you are really controlling the conductor controlling the train. It is another layer of immersion and complexity.

Derail Valley

As far as the environmental effects go, new details include water and smoke effects, lighting from the cities and trains, as well as weather and day/night cycles. There are also new locomotives and different hydraulic, electric, and mechanical systems to learn and operate.

Players have almost complete control over their trains. You have to properly couple all the couplings, attach all the right cables, and flip all the right levers. If you do not, well… they don’t call it Derail Valley for nothing. You are able to create some pretty spectacular accidents.

Derail Valley is available on PC, supports VR and keyboard mode.

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