Vampire Survivors “Overwhelming” Update Adds New Game Mode

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Vampire Survivors is the game that just keeps on giving. Every so often, a paid DLC is released, giving us a bunch of new characters, maps, and weapons. Today though, we have been blessed with a free update with a sizeable amount of content.

Dubbed the “Overwhelming Update”, Poncle Games presents a fairly well-rounded expansion to the base game. There is a new map, three new relics, and a new pick-up. Collecting one of the relics unlocks a new game mode called Randomize Minute Events.

Vampire Survivors

The new map is called Astral Stair, which can be unlocked by reaching level 80 on Inverse Inlaid Library. Vampire Survivors’ new map has some tricks to it, including enemies that can only be damaged by “weapons of the same colour they’re currently ‘wearing’.” They switch between colors regularly. There are also teleporters throughout the map to take you from room to room.

The new relics include a map of Astral Stair, Trisection, and Chaos Rosalia. Chaos Rosalia unlocks a morph for Yatta Cavallo upon reaching level 80. It also evolves his base weapon Cherry Bomb. Trisection unlocks Random Minute Event, which triggers a special event every minute of a run. This is the default setting for Astral Stair until all relics are obtained.

Vampire Survivors’ new pick-up is called GoldFinger. GoldFinger is similar to Gold Rush, but temporarily grants invincibility to the player and cues a timer for a killing spree. At the end, the player is rewarded based on how many enemies were defeated.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC, Xbox, and mobile.

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