Vampire Survivors Unveils Tides of the Foscari DLC

Add a Little Magic 

Surviving the night is about to get a little more whimsical. This gothic horror reverse bullet-hell is about to become more high-fantasy. Today, Indie Studio poncle is excited to unveil the new DLC for their gothic horror, reverse bullet-hell, Vampire Survivors. The DLC, titled Tides of Foscari, is introducing a fantasy hero folklore trope-palooza chock full of new content from characters to a new stage. A press release provides more details on the DLC. Additionally, the DLC is currently playable at the poncle booth at the WASD festival in London. 

Vampire Survivors

The Tides of Foscari DLC is adding a hint of fantasy to the gothic style of Vampire Survivors. The DLC introduces players to an Academy hidden within a continent-sized forest. This school is where children are trained to be powerful wizards, legendary generals, or expert spies. Prepare for nothing sinister to interrupt the three main characters brave enough to enter the forest, of course. 

Importantly the DLC introduces players to eight new characters. However the three main ones, Elenor the skilled magic user, Maruto a champion of the Crimson Anvil, and Keitha a sly member of the Amber Sickle. Of course, these new characters are exploring a whole new stage Lake Foscari. The stage is full of fae mysteries, mythical creatures, and more. 

Tides of Foscari for Vampire Survivors is launching on April 13th, 2023. Of course, it will launch on PC, mobile, and Xbox. So, are you ready for new Vampire Survivors content? Venture into Foscari.