Shukuchi Ninja Stealth to Release Today

Ancient Japan Awaits 

Speed is everything. Become a ninja and strike from the shadows as you make your way through Olden days Japan. Today, 2Awesome Studios is happy to announce the release of their 2D action platformer, Shukuchi Ninja. The game, out now for Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, combines elements of platformers and a unique control scheme to build a special experience. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, a launch trailer gives players a look at what exactly they can expect. 

Shukuchi Ninja

Shukuchi Ninja invites players to an action-packed adventure through ancient Japan. Players must travel at astonishing speeds through over 60 levels of ninja action. Whether wielding sword or ninja star, players will dispatch enemies as they try to keep their speed up. Of course, players will need to learn the riposte and teleport mechanics to make the most of their ninja skills. However, be warned, enemies can hit back. Use your special healing powers at the perfect time to ensure you survive till the next stage. Of course, you aren’t doing all of this for no reason. Defeating these enemies will restore peace to the land and restore your honor. Importantly this will allow you to return to your clan with your head held high. 

Players can check out the launch trailer for a glimpse at the art style and gameplay. Check out the high octane action below. 

Shukuchi Ninja is out now  Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. So, are you ready to become a ninja?