AEW Fight Forever Hosts Stadium Stampede Battle Royale Mode

30 In, 1 Out

Every game in the late 2010s was a battle royale. You might think that games have stopped trying to be the next Fortnite, but gosh darn it, we’re back in. AEW Fight Forever has officially announced their Stadium Stampede mode, a free update coming soon.

Stadium Stampede is a battle royale mode. Unfortunately, several leaks surfaced making claims of future updates. This mode was among the leaked content. Still, with the over-the-top wackiness of AEW Fight Forever, the leaks just could not prepare us for this battle royale.

AEW Fight Forever

The announcement clip shown for Stadium Stampede is pretty short, but packs a lot of chaos into it. The entire stadium appears to be in play. There are interior hallway areas, seating areas, and a field that players can wrestle in. Thirty players fight for the victory as a storm forces combatants to the center. Sounds familiar right?

It is not just flying kicks and body slams that players can use. We can see vehicles and mounts, as well as projectiles and melee weapons. It also appears that KOs or special moves yield tokens that you can collect. We will see how those play into the game mode.

Stadium Stampede mode will be a free update, but we do not yet know its release date. AEW Fight Forever is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to also check out our review.

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