Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Expansion Sets Sail Next Summer

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This past weekend, Fan Fest 2023 was held in Las Vegas for Final Fantasy XIV mega-fans. While there were attractions and goodies for attendees, there was exciting news for fans around the globe. The MMO is finally coming to Xbox Series X|S and we got a first look at the next expansion.

Square Enix unveiled the cinematic trailer for the Dawntrail expansion and released some details regarding content. Dawntrail will take players to a brand new area called Tural. It is an island continent inhabited by the Pelupelu people, who first appeared in Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy XIV

As for the new game features, the level cap will be increased from 90 to 100. There will also be new jobs, “Core Battle Content including FATEs, Hunts, Treasure Hunts, and Sidequests”. Final Fantasy XIV staples, like dungeons, raids, and gear/recipes will also have a lot more variety in this expansion. Dawntrail will also have something Square Enix calls “Expansive New Lifestyle Content”. Perhaps that means new events and non-combat activities.

In Final Fantasy-adjacent news, there will soon be a FFXIV/Fall Guys crossover. Next month, Fall Guys will have a “Warrior of Light Fame Pass” available, which presumably will have cosmetics for your beans. In the Fall, Final Fantasy XIV will have a Fall Guys attraction at the Gold Saucer.

Dawntrail is expected to come out sometime in Summer 2024. Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. An open beta for Xbox Series X|S is expected to launch in the Fall.

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