Loddlenaut Trailer Mixes Powerwash Sim and Slime Rancher

Deep Sea, Deep Clean

There is a category of gaming we designate as “chill” or “relaxing”. Developer Secret Mode is creating a game that is theoretically the most relaxing game possible. Loddlenaut is game about undersea cleaning and raising creatures. On paper, it sounds like Powerwash Simulator meets Slime Rancher.

A new trailer for the game was shown on the weekend at Re-MIX held by Media Indie Exchange. The concept looks pretty simple. Players will be diving deep to the bottom of the ocean to rid habitats of pollution and gunk. When the flora is completely clean, it will start producing fruit.


With the freshly grown fruit, you can start feeding creatures called Loddles. You can befriend and raise these Loddles until they evolve. Evolutions are different depending on what they were fed. Evolved Loddles can lay eggs, spawning even more Loddles for you to feed and care for!

The trailer for Loddlenaut was pretty focused on the basics of the game, but the player toolbar shows that garbage can be picked up and stored. You can recycle some of these items and craft useful tools and upgrades for your gear.

There is no specific release date yet, but Loddlenaut is expected to come out sometime this year. The game has a demo available on Steam right now, but hopefully there could be a console version somewhere down the line.

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