West Hunt, Social Deduction Game, Launches on PC

Somethings Not Right ‘Round These Parts 

There’s an imposter among the townsfolk. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of roles in town that can get to sussing them out. Today, developer NewGen alongside publisher Wandering Wizard is happy to announce the release of their social deduction game, West Hunt. Combining PVP elements with social deduction elements from games such as Among Us and Town of Salem, the game provides players with a unique game of manipulation, lying, and fun. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, a brand new launch trailer gives players a look at the game as well as some of its accolades. 

West Hunt introduces players to an old western town, home to all manner of tropes and people. From Sheriffs and Cowboys, to Natives, Outlaws, and more. Players must work as the townsfolk to figure out who the imposters are before it’s too late. Of course, the imposters must tamper with the town, causing havoc, bribing barmen and more. The two sheriffs must find and kill the outlaw amidst the townsfolk, investigating and finding clues as they hunt. 

Of course, players can get a better look at the game. The trailer additionally shows off some accolades the game has achieved. Furthermore, the trailer shows off the art style, gameplay, and mechanics of this rootin-tootin old western game. Check out the trailer below. 

West Hunt is out now on PC via Steam. Currently, the game is $11.29. So, are you ready to head into West Hunt?