Soul Survivors Prepares for Battle in May

Time Survival Meets Roguelite 

Your survival is dependent on your own skill. Remember, you need to survive long enough to defeat the boss. However, the hordes of monsters aiming to kill you may have something to say about that. Today, Stingbot Games is happy to announce the release date of their upcoming survival roguelite, Soul Survivors. Releasing on May 3rd to Steam Early Access, the game combines action survival, dark fantasy, and roguelite elements to provide a unique experience to players. A press release gives some more details about the game. Additionally, players can check out the release date trailer for a better look at the game. 

Soul Survivors

Soul Survivors introduces players to a dark fantasy world, teeming with foes to defeat. Choosing from one of two available characters in the Early Access, players will battle their way through two dark fantasy environments. The player’s goal is to survive the various stages long enough for the boss to appear. Of course, hordes of unique monsters will attempt to destroy the player. Yet, defeating enemies will grant you experience points to spend on upgrades for new abilities that will make the hero drastically more powerful. 

Of course, players can get a better look at the game in the release date trailer. From the art style to the gameplay, as well as, a look at the environments and abilities. Check out the trailer below. 

Soul Survivors is releasing onto Steam Early Access on May 3rd. So, are you ready to become a Soul Survivor.