Sons of the Forest Update Adds Many Changes and Improvements

Log Sled Will Return

On Thursday, Endnight Games pushed an update to Sons of the Forest. There were a couple of significant features added, but a TON of general improvements to the gameplay and AI. The developers also noted that The Forest’s Log Sled item will be returning next update.

Though it does not affect or expand the gameplay, the new update added an item called the Action Cam. This item can be found in a bunker and allows you to play videos found throughout the island as a tool to better understand the overall story. There are also “discovery laptops”, which inform players of points of interest that they can explore at their leisure.

Sons of the Forest

The other improvements are too many to count here, but there are some highlights that players will be happy about. Kelvin can now carry two logs at a time, Virginia will visit the player more often with high sentiment, and the night vision goggles are brighter. Many other improvements include water effects on objects, like cleaning off dirt and blood from dead bodies, and underwater explosions from bombs and grenades.

As players know, the main enemies in Sons of the Forest are the cannibals. The new update adds more animations and behaviors for these NPCs. Female cannibals will drink blood from dead animals and village troughs, as well as dance to the radio sometimes. Male cannibals will sometimes bash dead bodies.

Again, there are just too many improvements to list here, but you can check them out on the most recent Steam announcement. Sons of the Forest is available now for PC.

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