Squanch Games Teases Spooky-Themed DLC or Update for High on Life

THIS Is a Knife

High on Life developers Squanch Games has kept relatively quiet for the last couple months. Chalk it up to working hard on their game or letting the Justin Roiland fallout settle, it was probably a smart move. Roiland resigned in January and Squanch Games is continuing on without him.

High on Life is looking forward to post-launch content. There have been small updates since launch, but now something bigger is being teased. A short graphic of wispy fog and bloody text reading High on Knife was released. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

High on Life Review

Now to fill out the rest of the article with wild speculation. Squanch Games could be planning a few things. One option is a Halloween or slasher-themed DLC. While Halloween might seem seasonal, the themed DLCs are not uncommon, especially for comedy games and first person shooters. High on Life would definitely cash in on the horror movie tropes in its own style of comedy.

All of the weapons in the game are alien personalities. One of the first weapons you get is Knifey. With a tease like High on Knife, it would certainly seem like an odd choice to not connect it directly to Knifey.

Another possibility is an update that focuses on melee combat or expands it in some way. Again, for a game with talking weapons, expanding the arsenal would be a missed opportunity.

High on Life is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It is available on Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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