One Piece Odyssey Reunion of Memories DLC Announced Via Trailer

One Piece Odyssey Reunion of Memories DLC Announced Via Trailer

One Piece is one of the biggest anime and manga in history. Bandai Namco, a major video game publisher, along with developer ILCA recently released One Piece Odyssey. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Since the game’s release, the companies have been working on more content. Today, the team has announced the game’s first DLC, Reunion of Memories. Although a release date has not been announced, they have released a teaser trailer for the game.

In the upcoming DLC, Luffy and friends are relaxing after the tough adventured across the islands. However, while celebrating, a woman dressed in black clothes with a hood over her face, with a sinister black cube, appears out of nowhere. Moreover, the team describes the DLC as, “The Straw Hat Crew will be forced back into Memoria and transported again to Alabasta, although it seems different from last time, and the cube needed to escape has disappeared!”

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Additionally, Luffy and friends will have to find a way back while unravelling a new and great mystery. In the trailer, viewers get a great look at the mysterious new character along with other upcoming content in the DLC. Also, in One Piece Odyssey, the famed pirate Monkey D. Luffy takes on a new adventure after his ship is unfortunately destroyed. Luffy must find his friends and plan their escape against nature.

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