Get Up and Stretch Your Legs in Road Diner Simulator

Tastes Like the Open Road

Diners are the lifeforce of interstate travel. You see people of every flavor stopping a long journey to eat some homestyle meals and drink coffee. Drago Entertainment is back at it with Road Diner Simulator. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but they just dropped a teaser trailer to give us a little taste of what they have down the road.

Drago Entertainment is the studio behind Food Truck Simulator and Gas Station Simulator. They have found a formula for the premise of these games. You inherit/buy an old diner/food truck/gas station. As you make money from the day to day operations, you invest and build your empire of whatever service you are providing for that game.

Road Diner Simulator

We have not yet seen any actual gameplay for Road Diner Simulator. However, if you have tried any previous games from this franchise, you probably know what to expect.

In the teaser, we walk into a roadside diner. It’s pretty sketchy; graffiti outside, a patron drops their gun on the floor, but the staff seems friendly enough. Again, none of it is gameplay, but this is the type of crowd you can expect to meet in Road Diner Simulator.

Road Diner Simulator currently has no release date, but it will be available on PC. Gas Station Simulator is available on PC and console, so console players may also get to open their own diner.

Will you try your hand at the greasy spoon diner gig? Let us know in the comments below.