Century: Age of Ashes Season 2 Adds New Dragon and Class

Thornweaver, the Weaver of Thorns

The dragon-riding combat game Century: Age of Ashes came out in late 2021. For a concept as cool as this, it has not been grabbing the headlines that dragons deserve. Well, Season 2 has arrived with more content and hopefully, more chances to grab up new players.

Not all dragons and dragon-riders are made equal. Century: Age of Ashes launched with three different classes, each with their respective dragon-type and abilities. A fourth class and dragon was added in Season 1, and now another with this season. Introducing, the Thornweaver class and its Vinedrake mount.

Century: Age of Ashes

The Thornweaver has some interesting abilities. Numbing Retaliation is a passive ability that releases slowing projectiles upon taking damage. The number of projectiles is determined by how many charges the Thornweaver accumulates over time. The Bramble Wall allows you to create a wall of thorns to obstruct your enemies’ path. Launch a projectile and it a wall to release the Brambles or activate it near a wall.

Verdant Bulwark is an ability that reduces incoming damage upon pressing the Power button. Pressing it again will unleash poisonous spikes toward nearby enemies. Verdant Bastion is the Rage ability that enhances Bulwark. It briefly increases movement speed and allows unlimited poison spikes to be launched.

Century: Age of Ashes also has a new map in this season. Eilean CĂ irn is an abandoned outpost retaken by nature. There are large, open spaces, but also tight corridors that allow for some tricky combat. It is also the perfect place to get familiar with the new class.

Century: Age of Ashes is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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