Century: Age of Ashes Gameplay Shows Off Game Modes and Classes


Toward the end of last year, we got a look at the newly unveiled dragon-battle game Century: Age of Ashes at the Game Awards. Dragon fights are usually rare and coveted, great spectacles, but in this game, it is the whole experience. Developer Playwing has released a new trailer that goes into more detail about the gameplay, particularly regarding playable classes, game modes, and maps. The second closed beta began yesterday and this is some of the new content that players will be trying out before the game fully launches next month.

Century: Age of Ashes

There are currently three playable classes; Marauder, Windguard, and Phantom. Marauders have the ability to track enemies and lock on to them. They also inflict increased damage to targeted enemies. They have two distinct abilities that can block incoming attacks and chip away at shields or disorient shieldless enemies. The Windguard can heal and shield nearby allies. They can also leave a trail of poison to cover their escape route or use a Blast to knock enemies off track. Phantoms can cloak themselves for a short time. Attacking when cloaked cancels the action, but the first fireball inflicts increased damage. They can also throw mines onto surfaces that detonate when an enemy gets near. This can help cover an escape in tight spaces.

There are a few different maps, each with a distinct look and playstyle. Century: Age of Ashes currently has three different game modes. Carnage is a 6v6 team deathmatch mode where the more kills you wrack up, the more valuable a bounty you are. Survival is a 6v6v6 mode where you have limited respawns and the only way to come back is for a teammate to collect your soul and bring it back to your team base. Gates of Fire is sort of like CTF, but once you have the flag, you must fly through eight gates to win. Century: Age of Ashes is currently holding its second beta, but is expected to launch in April on PC.

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