Worship the Cult-Themed Multiplayer Roguelike is Fully-Funded on Kickstarter

Blindly Serve a Dreadful God, Because That’s Always a Good Idea

A while back, we published an article about how well Lovecraftian or cosmic horror works with roguelike mechanics, which included a plea for game developers to please, please make more Lovecraftian horror roguelike games. Clearly, we’re far from the only ones who feel this way, because Worship, a self-described “cultist themed multiplayer roguelike game”, has been fully funded on Kickstarter after just 36 hours. Inspired by Pikmin, this cute, cartoony game will place you in the role of an apocalypse cult leader, herald of the end, servant of a horrifying deity you must please at any cost. You’ll explore the world around your cult, convert others to your cause, order your followers to their doom to solve puzzles, and master powerful blood rituals. Also, there will be human sacrifice. Probably a lot of it. But hey, at least it’s cute.

If you’re a bit nervous about delving into the madness alone, don’t worry–Worship will have fully-fledged online and local multiplayer, so you can form a cult with up to four players. Just try not to trip over each other as you go about your dark bidding. A mix of procedural generation and painstakingly handcrafted elements will make the world a living, breathing thing, just waiting to be exploited and/or sacrificed. Plus, the soundtrack is equal parts charming and vaguely ominous, so you’ll have some great tunes to hum cheerfully along with as you usher in the end of days.

Of course, not everyone in this game is onboard with the whole ‘serving a heretic god for sweet rewards’ deal. If you want to bring on the end, you’ll have to get through hungry beasts, church inquisitors, abominations from outside the thinning walls of reality, and lots and lots of angry mobs. But we’re sure you can do it if you really try. So go on. We believe in you.

Worship Kickstarter art

Worship will be available for PC and consoles in 2022.

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