Playwing Unveils Century: Age of Ashes at the Game Awards

How to Train Your Dragon

Dragons are not exactly an untapped element in video games, but they are often antagonized and vilified. It’s not all that often that gamers can use and control dragons. One example of that that comes to mind is in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC, but that is kind of late-game. Playwing is doing something pretty cool with Century: Age of Ashes. They revealed some gameplay during the Game Awards for us to check out. Instead of dragons being a coveted, destructive force to to sway the battle to one side, everybody has one.

Century: Age of Ashes

In this trailer, we see some dope cinematics of dragons and their riders flying in and around a castle. Switch to some gameplay, players get to fly their dragon through canyons, castle arches, and high in the sky, shooting fireballs and other elemental forces at each other. Other dragons leave a trial of red or blue, probably to indicate friends and foes. This is obviously a multiplayer game, but it’s hard to measure the scope of it. The standard battle size is 6v6, depending on the game mode. What I want know is will it be a dragons only game, or will players have the ability to get off their dragon and fight on foot in a Titanfall-esque way?

Century: Age of Ashes will be a free-to-play game launching next year, but you can sign up for the beta now. Century: Age of Ashes is expected to launch in February 2021 for PC.

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