Bullet Runner: The First Slaughter Brings Twin-Stick Action to Steam

Big Guns, Big Action 

It’s time for some fast-paced, bullet throwing, action. Prepare for fast-paced action and huge ass guns. Yesterday, Kami Games announced the release of their twin-stick shooter, Bullet Runner:: The First Slaughter. The game combines arcade style and a soundtrack reminiscent of DOOM: Eternal. Of course, a press release provides more details about the action awaiting players in game. Additionally, fans can check out the release trailer for a deeper look at the game. 

Bullet Runner

Bullet Runner: The First Slaughter is a 2.5D twin-stick shooter, that draws from arcade inspirations of old. Players will be introduced to fast-paced combat mechanics and movement. Importantly, these mechanics are put to use as you blast your way through hordes of horrific enemies. Of course, these enemies are capable of their own unique mayhem. Some include game changing abilities that can fully affect your strategy, forcing you to adapt your playstyle on the fly. 

However, players will have their own arsenals to deal with the enemies they face. Bullet Runner features massive guns and a lot of them. Whether you are using them to rip and tear through the 4-hour campaign or in the endless arena mode, you’ll have a hardcore instrumental to accompany you. Of course, players can take a look at everything awaiting them in the release trailer. Check it out below. 

Bullet Runner: The First Slaughter is out now on Steam. So, are you ready to wreak some twin-stick havoc on hordes of enemies? Grab the game today.