New Playtest for Dark and Darker Announced, Plus Solo Mode

Dark and Darkerer

Over the past few months, there have been rumblings in the darkness. Dark and Darker, the mixture of a dungeon crawler, battle royale, and fantasy RPG, has been blowing up on Twitch during its playtest. This week, a new playtest is scheduled with a little shake-up.

Thus far, Dark and Darker has been mainly a multiplayer game. It has been noted by players how difficult and challenging it is to progress while playing on your own. That may be changing soon. In a cryptic message from developer Ironmace, “the entrance doesn’t appear big enough for a party,” solo mode is on the way.

Dark and Darker

As the game is still in alpha, this may be part of a balancing test between classes or an exploration into a singleplayer mode. It will be interesting to see how solo players fare in a game designed to be co-operative.

You may be wondering at this point, when am I going to get to play Dark and Darker next? An announcement on Steam has declared that the next playtest will begin on February 6th. Details on when it goes live in your timezone are available in the announcement. This specific playtest will be a demo available on Steam for Next Fest. To access it, you have to download the demo.

Ending times will be revealed at a later date. Who knows? Maybe they will extend it like their last playtest.

Dark and Darker is in alpha and is available on Steam. No official release date has been announced.

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