Ironmace Asks Fans to Torrent Dark and Darker Amid Legal Trouble

Let the Free Market Sort It Out

If you are a fan of Dark and Darker, you may have heard of some of the legal issues the developer is facing. Publisher Nexon has an upcoming game with the working title P3 and are claiming that Ironmace Games are using elements in their game from P3.

Nexon has issued a DMCA, and a cease and desist, to Ironmace Games. These legal issues have been going on for a couple of months now, but Ironmace has been defiant. They say they are committed to bringing a fine product to their fans.

Dark and Darker

In the wake of this legal conflict, Dark and Darker has been delisted from Steam, cutting off access to the game for almost all its players. In an effort to keep the project afloat, Ironmace Games is asking fans to torrent the game for all playtests.

Playtest #5 MegaThread
by u/DryF1re in DarkAndDarker

Ironmace Games is providing a torrent link on Reddit and their Discord channel. Right now, it is unclear exactly what the outcome will be for Dark and Darker. For the foreseeable future, Ironmace Games will have to operate through unconventional means like this.

On a happier note, Playtest 5 is available to play now (through torrenting means, of course). This alpha build adds a new Bard class. The dungeons are dangerous, but someone needs to sing tales of your victory. Dark and Darker does not have an official release date, but is (kinda) available on PC.

What are you hoping for for the future of Ironmace and their game? Let us know in the comments below.