Dark and Darker Playtest 4 Extended to Mid-February

They Did it Again

When developing a game, it is important to set goals, plans, and deadlines. Ironmace Games’ flagrant disregard for these is unheard of! *He said chock-full of irony* There is a pattern with their playtests for Dark and Darker getting extended, for what? The benefit of the player? Puh-lease!

Right now, there is a fourth playtest running for Dark and Darker. It was meant to end today, but not everything goes as planned. Apparently, there were some players who were being banned by mistake. There were also server issues throughout the day on February 12th. To remedy this, Ironmace Games has decided to extend the playtest to February 16th.

Dark and Darker

As mentioned above, the multiplayer servers were suffering. If it was from being overloaded with players, that is kind of a good problem to have. However, dealing with it in the moment is still the issue. Today, the demo is the 9th most played game on Steam, in between Destiny 2 and Rust.

A similar incident occurred during the previous playtest. During the Winter holidays, Ironmace Games extended their alpha playtest to overlap with Christmas Day. Now it is happening again for Valentine’s Day? Curious.

In all seriousness, Ironmace Games is taking responsibility for their ongoing stability issues very well. Despite how challenging their game is, Dark and Darker is incredibly popular. Extending their fans’ time with it is a great way to cultivate goodwill with them, and collect that sweet Alpha data.

Dark and Darker has a playable demo available now until February 16th. Enjoy your time with it while you can.

Have you been playing this demo? Have you been experiencing any ban or server issues? Let us know in the comments below.