Why Farmskins is the Best Place to Open Cases: 5 Profitable Features

Looking for the best way to crack open some cases? Indeed you are considering CS:GO client as the best option, but is it correct? In 2023 CS:GO is far from being the #1 place to open cases. A large number of case-openers prefer non-Valve platforms like Farmskins.

Such websites deliver an absolutely unique experience, bringing features you could never see in CS:GO game. Also, it’s proven by openers that they are more profitable and giveaway more free items. Dash through this brief page and learn to get the most value from Farmskins.

Variety of Cases

Nowadays, we rarely see new cases released from Valve. So we need to open the same old cases again, again, and again. Ah, super boring, especially when we have no big drops. Open case CS:GO at Farmskins has resolved that problem.

Browse through the Farmskins website and find brand-new cases for any taste:

  • Classic Cases for the ones who prefer consistency and staples. Here you will find cases classified by the qualities: Mil-Spec, Restricted, Classified, Covert; for guns: M4, AWP, AK-47; for luxury items: gloves and knives. If you are a big opener, consider an “Exclusive” case with AWP Gungnir and Dragon Lotos inside;
  • Limited Edition to grab temporary offers. These cases contain unique skin combinations with a high potential value. But their availability slowly ticks out: hurry to open them!
  • Farm Cases for risky players. These containers are known for their low prices. But what is inside may surprise even experienced openers. At least half of the items are top-notch, while the rest are Mil-Spec quality. So for at least a $1.39 offer, you have an opportunity to get Asiimov-value items;
  • And many other offers, including Streak and Battle Cases!

Each case’s price is presented on the catalog page. If you seek to know what is inside, just press on it. Also, check out how many people have opened a case by hovering your mouse above it in the catalog.

Can’t see what is the benefit of opening such cases online? This page quickly answers all your possible questions.

Gaben’s Store

Have CS:GO ever rewarded you with anything extra after cases opening? They didn’t even think of it! Don’t worry, Gaben’s Store is always there to heal your wounds.

Thirty percent of your opened Farmskins cases will bring you a Bullet currency. The number of Bullets depends on the price of the case you are opening: the more it costs, the more you get.

Once you’ve collected some Bullets in your pocket, visit Gaben’s Store. Here, you can spend them on cases and open them immediately. There is no need to give away real money! But if the cases don’t lure you, there is a Gaben’s Giveaway to get particular skins. Find a desired skin, invest in Bullets, and compete with other users to get them!

Case Battle

Speaking about Farmskins competitions, Case Battle is an excitingly-good one. It allows you to open cases in a battle manner, where the one who gets more expensive loot takes it home. Be aware that you can purchase different cases in different amounts. So outnumbering your opponent is a viable strategy here.

You can create your own playing room or join others. If you don’t want to do all the winning alone, discover the 2v2 mode and fight with teams.

Upgrade System

If you have at least minor experience in case opening, you know many low-value skins you get. Their main issue is that they are frustrating to deal with. Selling them one by one is boring, while trading is even more agonizing. Suffer no more: use Upgrade System at Farmskins.

With Upgrade System, invest a couple of your low-value skins to get a single one with a price equal to theirs. Of course, they aren’t necessarily should be low priced. You can also use an Upgrade System to hunt for top skins and invest in pricey items.

Daily Bonus

As long as you are a Farmskins regular user, you get access to the Daily Bonus feature. And no, it is not a deposit bonus of some kind that forces you to transfer more money. It is a full-fledged free case that you can open every day!

The free daily case contains skins, other cases, and balance bonuses. If you still can’t believe you can get something valuable from the daily container, the top drops off it on its page.