Dark and Darker Patch Punishes Players For Being Naked

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Ironmace Games is doing what it can for Dark and Darker amid legal troubles. Instead of being available on Steam, the developers have opted to move to a smaller online store called Chaf Games. In the most recent patch, the devs address a very strange meta that players have been exploiting.

Lately, some players have been removing their armor at the beginning of each round. For some classes, the starting armor does not offer very much protection. Removing the armor and running around naked makes players lighter and move faster. This speed boost offsets the defense loss… until now.

Dark and Darker

The new Dark and Darker update gives a few of the classes reduced cooldowns on spells or abilities. However, there is one that kind of feels like a very deliberate scolding to those naked players. While the speed boost appears to remain, players who run around naked will take more damage than usual.

Instead of just not having the protection of armor, you bare skin will make you more vulnerable. Makes sense on a logical level, but it also shakes up the meta a bit. Now if they can get their real world controversy sorted out, then they will be set.

Dark and Darker is in early access on PC.

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