CritterGarden Building Ecosystems With Playtest

Time to Get Collecting 

Sometimes the coziest things are critters. Collecting them is just an extension of that coziness. Yet, if your going to be collecting these little creatures, you’re going to need to build them a home. Of course, these ecosystems will need to be thriving in order to help these critters survive. That’s where your trusty life-support AI comes in. Today, Minjonia Studios is joyed to announce a public playtest for their cozy creature collector, CritterGarden, is now available. Allowing players to build their very own ecosystems and collect creatures to place in them, the game combines cozy puzzles with world building fun. A small gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of the game.¬†


CritterGarden allows players to become an intergalactic biologist. Interestingly, the game allows players to develop distinct environments to help foster the life they discover. In fact, players will be able to find brand new life forms on this strange planet. These critters that you find are able to evolve and change as they meet certain requirements. Importantly, each creature stems from the same evolutionary tree. Yet, critters who live in different environments, eat different foods, and more, will develop new traits and become new life. Of course, this undertaking is a massive challenge. Luckily, players will have their very own AI that will help them construct and control their critter environments.

Importantly, players can take a look at CritterGarden in a five minute gameplay video. View the video below for a look at some of these critters.

CritterGarden is available to playtest now on Steam.