Coridden Launching Demo For Steam’s Dinos Vs Robots

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Before a game’s full release it needs an opportunity to prove itself. Of course, there are no better opportunities than demos to do just that. Luckily for this shapeshifting adventure, Steam is offering the perfect place to launch a demo. Today, Sweden-based developer Aftnareld is happy to announce a new demo for their upcoming action-RPG, Coridden, is appearing at Steam’s Dinos Vs Robots Fest. Interestingly, the demo is giving players their first experience with the unique shapeshifting mechanics of the game. Importantly, the Steam Dinos vs Robots fest will feature games that contain dinosaurs, robots, and perhaps dinosaur robots. A debut trailer for the game gives players a glimpse of what awaits them. 


Coridden allows players to explore the legendary city of Aasha. The game follows a warrior family with an incredible power to take on the form of their foes.  Of course, this adds a whole new dynamic to the action-RPG combat of the game. Players are able to develop their own combat styles, taking the forms and abilities of enemies they fight. Additionally, players will have access to a variety of equipment and skills. These items and branching abilities will further allow players to experiment with how they want to play. Of course, this even translates to combat as players are allowed to make their own unique combos.

Of course, a debut trailer for Coridden gives players a look at the game. Be sure to check it out below.

Coridden is releasing later in 2024. Currently a demo is available on Steam and coming to the new Dinos vs Robots Fest.