Lands of Koastalia Relaxing and Building

Welcome to the Islands

It is often said “The world is what you make of it,” in this case however it’s true. Sometimes you just have to find some islands and start building cities on them. Especially when they are as relaxing as these ones. Today, Asaloda Games is happy to announce their relaxing city-builder game, Lands of Koastalia. Introducing players to beautiful islands and shores, the game allows players to completely design their own cities, using the environment to meet their needs. Of course, as cities grow, they become more and more needy. As such the game aims to strike a balance of relaxation and strategy. A new trailer gives players glimpse of the game. 

Lands of Koastalia

Lands of Koastalia introduces players to an assortment of beautiful islands. Here, players are completely in control of how their island becomes home to settlements. Interestingly, the game allows players to use a grid system to design buildings. In fact, this system allows players to draw out buildings of their very own. This allows for the growing settlement to take on unique designs. Additionally players can assign roles to the buildings to ensure that their settlement is meeting all of its needs. This means that as the settlement grows, players can build production chains to fulfill the desires of the residents. As such, players will gather resources from around the island to construct, maintain, and help the city.

A trailer for Lands of Koastalia shows off exactly what players can expect from the game. Check it out below.

Lands of Koastalia is releasing to PC via Steam.