Skybox Labs Joins NetEase Games

A Merging of Titans 

Partnerships in the video game world are far from rare. Yet, mergers make the world go round. Today Chinese company NetEase Games is happy to announce that the prolific Canadian game studio Skybox Labs is joining the NetEase family. A wildly successful studio, Skybox has had the pleasure of working alongside some behemoths of the gaming industry. Of course, a press release, from NetEase, provides more details on the partnership, as well as, insights from both company leaders. 

Skybox Labs

“Over the last decade, we’ve had the pleasure to work on beloved games such as Halo Infinite, Minecraft, and Fallout 76. We remain committed to growing our presence in Canada, supporting our current and future partners, and co-developing more AAA games.” Says Shyang Kong, co-founder of SkyBox Labs 

According to the press release, Skybox will continue to work on its presence in Canada. Importantly, the studio is committing to retaining existing staff, while also looking to hire new employees. Additionally, NetEase is promising to offer support to the Canadian studio via resources and execution capabilities.

Simon Zhu, president of global investment and partnerships, NetEase Games explains that, “We were impressed with their extensive experience in game development. And are great admirers of their past work on some of the world’s leading franchises. We look forward to working with the SkyBox Labs co-founders.” 

So, what do you think about the merger? Also, what games are you hoping to see Skybox work on next? What are your favorite Skybox Labs games?